понеделник, 23 април 2018 г.

Challenge posponed

За съжаление трябва да отложим предизвикателството този понеделник. Новото предизвикателство ще пуснем другия понеделник - 30ти Април.
Благодарим за разбирането и подкрепата и до скоро!

We are very sorry to say that we we'll have to postpone our Monday challenge. The new challenge will be up next Monday the 30th of April. Thank you for the support and see you soon!


4 коментара:

Wendy каза...


Have you posted the winner of Challenge #271 "use glitter"?

Nana Connie каза...

Is there going to be a new challenge? It's now May 7 and your last post said it would be posted on April 30 but it wasn't. ???

Lisa J каза...

Its now June 4th and still no challenge. Have you shut down??

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