неделя, 5 декември 2010 г.

Winner CCH 43-On The Go

Благодарим на всички за участието!
Победителката,която ще получи 4 печата от Sassy Studios е номер 45

Thank you for all of your entries!
The winner of 4 images from Sassy Studios is Number 45

Please contact weirdcat@sky.com for your prize

Ето и нашия Топ 3:
Our Тop 3 are:

Emma H

Please grab a banner from the sidebar :)

3 коментара:

Lori каза...

What a wonderful surprise!!! Thank you soooooo much : )
Love and hugs ~

Cheryl каза...

Thank you! I will proudly display the badge on my blog!

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Cool Surprise!
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